Glass Bongs


Glass bong features a sliding bowl or ashcatcher which is interchangeable with most standard glass bong parts available on online head shop. You can affix a huge party sized bowl or a smaller one hitter type bowl to your glass bong.

11" Perculator Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


4 Fingers Percolator Water Bong
- Height : 11"
- Color : Clear with black percolator
- Ash Catcher (14mm) & Ice Catcher
- 1 Percolator with 4 Fingers
- Diffused Downstem (18mm inner / 14mm outter)
- Thickness : 5mm
- 3 Pieces

Just ordered this bongs and the blue color bongs. OMG this is wonderful pieces man. Its just so beautiful such a magnificent piece to have. My main supply for smoking pleasure now, good line up of cheap and high quality bongs and best customer service ever. I highly recommend this to everyone who likes a mid size Bongs because its perfect.

I thought this deal was too good to be true. You get a 5mm glass water bongs on glass beaker with a four finger percolator the best part of the percolator is the fact that they reinforced the fingers to the up stem. I love everything about this good quality bong it looks awesome and smokes even better. Five stars to the bong and to the shipping, I ordered this bong on Monday morning and smoking with this bong now on Thursday! plus a free bowl. I will be a returning customer for sure as well as the group of people who just sessioned this new bong to buy online."

19" Percolator Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


19" Percolator Glass Water Pipe Bong
- Height : 19"
- Color :Clear
- Diameter : 14mm( Percolator Ash Catcher) & 18mm(Bowl)
- Thickness : 5mm
- 4 Fingers Percolator Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- 8 Fingers Percolator
- 4 Pieces

Such a nice looking bong great for any collection and it comes with a dope ash catcher. I got this bong in 4 days and was very suprised on the size, picture does not do it justice. Real nice water bong and great prices. I filled her up with water and wow! She's smooth! great designs bong! insane price! I''m thinking about ordering another for when this water bong breaks! I'm very happy with this and will only purchase from this site from now on!

24" Frost Perculator Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bong Online


24" Frost Perculator Glass Water Pipe Bong
- Height : 24"
- Color : Purple & White
- Diameter : 18mm(Bowl), 18mm(Downstem)
- Thickness : 5mm
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- 3 Pieces

Great Bong Works Great! One of the nicest looking bongs I have ever seen and very high quality. I Love this bong barely looks purple, mostly clear. Perculator make the smoke extremely smooth, also this bong is quite durable and the frosted pieces really add a nice touch. The ashcatcher makes the water extremely clean and the size is actually much larger than I had anticipated. Would buy this high quality bong again in a minute. A must buy. And what a good price. Overall a great puchase recomended to anyone.