16" STEMLESS COIL Percolator Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


16" Stemless Coil Percolator Water Bong - Blue
- Height : 16"
- Color : BLUE
- Thickness : 5.8 mm
- Stemless Glass water pipe
- BOWL (18mm)
- 2 Pieces

This is the best bong I bought from online headshop. It hits so smooth because it has two wraps of coil perculator which increase the air flow. It came same week after I ordered online to buy this great bong. You should buy this bong online. Amazing buy guaranteed.

20" Detachable Glass Water Bong - Buy Bongs Online


4 Fingers Percolator Water Bong
- Height : 20"
- Color : Green
- Diameter : 14mm(Slide), 18mm(Downstem)
- Thickness : 5mm
- Ice Catcher
- 2 LAYER PERCULATOR / 6 Fingers
- 5 Pieces

I bought this bong. Its an awesome bong, attachments from hoss and other brands fit in so you can add more percs. This bong hit really smooth the way it is though and stays pretty clean with an ashcatcher. Nice thick glass bongs. This bong is very easy to clean since it can be detached for several piecies.