How to Buy Cheap Bongs Online?


If you want to buy a bongs over the Internet, here is guide for you. You can find what the best type or bong is for your tobacco smoking needs and find the right web store to patronize when you making purchase. Buying bong online is sound like very simple process, however, there may be more involved than you think. For instance, there are a wide variety of bongs to get, how do you know which online store to order from? And once you have received your bong in the mail and have it in your hands, what is the best way to use it? Here is the answer for those questions for you, and get you on the right path to finding a suitable bong from the right online store at the right price.

1. Decide what type of bongs you want to buy

Before you are going to decide buying bong online, you should make sure what type of bongs you are looking and best suitable for your need. There are glass bongs, acrylic bongs, and hookahs. Glass bongs is most popular among smokers because it offers purer smoking experience. Recent bongs comes with percolator, ice catcher, and ash catcher for better filtration. Smaller and simpler glass bongs relatively cheap on market compare to those come with a lot of features. You can still find cheap bongs online if you do research and add your time.

2. Shop around online and local headshop

Once you know what type of bongs you want, it is time for shopping online or local headshop. Spend a lot of time to search online will give you best result on your shopping. You may search on google by typing some keyword such as cheap bongs, buy bongs online, bong for sale, bong USA, etc. Or visit any forum to get some help from those who already experience in online shopping. While you can place order online by easy simple click, there are many scammers you want to avoid. Trying to read as many as review possible, ask about the site you found to the forum, you might can get help. You can also purchase from local headshop with face to face help without any scam worry, but remember, local shop does not offer cheap bongs price. They are, most of time, more expensive than online price because they need to cover store operating cost. You may buy from online store which located in Holland and UK, however, shipping takes way longer than the online store in Canada/US.

3. Buying your bongs

When checking out your bong purchase, be sure to look at the address bar of your browser for "https." The "s" after the standard "http" indicates that this is a secure site, and your information will be kept relatively safe from the risk of identity theft. Once you have done this, you can get started in your checkout. Enter your name, address and credit card number, as well as any other information that is required. When you are done checking out, you should receive an email verification of your purchase -- do not delete this until you have gotten your bong in the mail. In addition, you should keep a record of the contact info of the head shop so that you can let them know if any issues arise. Within a few days or weeks, depending on the policies of the store you patronize, you should have your brand new bong.