Percorlator Bongs


The best thing of percorlator bong is bubbled to maximize the water capability to increase its effect in filtering the tars and toxins from the smoke. The ice catcher in the shaft allows you to add ice cubes to cool the smoke right down before it hits your lungs. The bong does feature a sliding bowl and standard interchangeable accessories which are easily purchased from online headshop.

14" Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online
- Height : 14
- Diameter : 14mm(Bowl and Downstem)
- Thickness : 3mm
- Color : Blue
- 2 Layer Perculator
- Ash Catcher
- Ice Catcher
- 3 Pieces

After shopping for a cheap bongs online for three weeks and deciding on this bongs I belive it is a best price for a best bong its little but has great qualitys. I just received this bong in the mail today, this bong order only took about 5 days to get to me, I was surprised at how fast this bong order ships. Once I started opening the package I felt like a little kid on christmas day opening the ultimate present! This bong is a beauty! It hits so smooth there's no drag what so ever! My new favorite bong. Perfect for a smoker who likes to have a nice piece to smoke with friends it will blow you away. If you are looking for something nice yet cheap bongs this is it. One of the cleanest things I've ever hit.

Excellent perculator bong best piece I've used in a while good craftsmanship fast shipping. I just went to local bong shop and costs hundreds more. A four perculation chambered bong like this off line would cost a fortune. online on the other hand, its a different story. only 65.00! This bong is amazing and worth every penny. I am planning on getting a few more bongs for some family members. Definatly worth the money the blue pops I love how the light hits the glass while the water bubbles in the bongs. I can't get over the excellent products and the added incentive was great!

19" Percolater Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


19" 2 Percolater (12/4 fingers) Water bong - Dark Red
- Height : 19"
- Color : Clear bottle & Dark Red percolator
- Diameter : 18mm(BOWL) & 18mm(Downstem INNER/OUTER)
- Thickness : 5mm
- BOWL & Ice Catcher
- 3 Pieces

I highly recommend this glass water bongs. For starters, the price is incredible. I bought this bongs and an ash catcher and got the priority shipping and it all came out to only $205! And it got from Canada to Wisconsin in 3 days during a blizzard. The water pipe bongs itself is quite impressive as well. It hits incredibly smooth and is surprisingly easy to clear. Also with my order they sent me a very nice double blown glass pipe spoon which is a little extra gift for me.

19" Glass Water Pipe Bong - Buy Bongs Online


2 Percolator Water Bong with Ash & Ice catcher - Blue
- Height : 19"
- Color : BLUE
- Diameter : 14mm(Ash catcher) & 18mm outter and 14mm inner(Downstem)
- Thickness : 5mm
- Ash Catcher & Ice Catcher
- 2 LAYER PERCULATOR & 1 Splach Guard
- 3 Pieces

"Great bong of glass It takes a lot of lung power but it is total awesome.

This is a great bong for anyones collection for the price. I have had this for about 4 days now and this bong hits great. Realy smooth hits. Everything I wanted in a water pipe bong and then you throw in the fact its 110 bucks, thats just amazing. I had boughten a glass bongs like this before from a local head shop and it cost me twice as much. My only complaint is the ash catcher could use a carb to clear it but not the biggest deal because I just ordered a new ash catcher for it with a perculator in it. I would definitly recomend this product and site in general to friends."