11" Perculator Water Pipe Bong - Cheap Bongs


11" Perculator Water Pipe Bong - Cheap Bongs
- Height : 11"
- Color : Clear with blue percolator
- Ash Catcher (14mm) & Ice Catcher
- 1 Percolator with 4 Fingers
- Diffused Downstem (18mm inner / 14mm outter)
- Thickness : 5mm
- 3 Pieces

killer water pipe bongs. I'll definitely buying again and recommend it to all. I got this bongs in around 3 days, ripping it since. This bong looks so wonderful tight. Bong is cheapest online store to buy cheap and best valued bongs. I've ever seen to get a perculator and ashcatcher water pipe bongs. I am definitely a returning customer, reccomending to all keep it up.

14" Glass Water Pipe Bong - Cheap Bongs


14" Glass Water Pipe Bong - Cheap Bongs
- Height : 14"
- Diameter : 14mm(Bowl and Downstem)
- Thickness : 3mm
- Color : Clear
- 2 Layer Perculator
- Ash Catcher
- Ice Catcher
- 3 Pieces

Wow…This bong is BEAUTIFUL! Excellent glass on glass bong. Amazing piece. Perfect price. Outstanding customer support. It was exactly what I expected. The perculator was an awesome effects to my bubbleness. The FILTRATION is beautiful. The smoothest hits on the planet. A double perculator with defused downstem and ash catcher for 65 bucks, best deal ever. If I were to buy this in a head shop around here, it would cost between $200-$300 EASILY. This is an outrageously great deal. This is the best water bong I have ever owned. I ordered this on Monday and it was at my house on Wednesday. This was my first time buying online at this store and most certainly not my last. Now I know where I'm buying my bongs online. because shipping was so fast and packaged perfectly. I've told all my friends and we're happy to FINALLY have a good online smoke shop. Thank you.