What is a Bong?


First, a brief history of a bongs. According to 420 Magazine, the bong was originally invented in Africa, where people were thought to smoke cannabis before being introduced to tobacco. The first African pipes were actually buried into the ground (smart when it comes to fire safety). The first water pipes were presumably born from tube pipes, which are known as "chillums" or "bats."

A bong(water pipe) is a smoking device, generally used to smoke tobacco or other substances. It is just like a pipe but with the addition of water. A bong is consist of few parts :

The mouthpiece, This is where you put your mouth over, you block and inspire air through that hole. The chamber, This is where smoke collects in the bongs. The smoke stays until inhaled. The base, This is where you put the water, this part is usually wider than the chamber so it can stand-alone without tipping, although some more "artistic" pieces often do not follow this rule. Be very careful with those!
The stem (female piece), sits in the base of the bong and pokes out of the chamber at a degree higher than the water level. It holds the conepiece/bowl and enables smoke to pass through the water when in use.
The bowl (male piece), is usually a removable cup or cone shaped container, where the marijuana is packed and ignited.

Bongs for sale can vary greatly in their shape, materials, colors, and sizes. Often constructed from ceramic, glass or acrylic. Many bongs are regarded for their style, distinct vivid colors, or customizations such as stickers, and become a personalized signature of that particular bong owner.